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We offer several in home services to meet your cleaning needs; carpet, upholstery, spot removal, one time house-wide cleaning and post renovation cleaning.  Give us a call today or request a quote!

No other item in your home absorbs more wear and tear on a daily basis than your carpet, and no other item can impact your home's appearance like your carpet can.

How to extend the life of your carpet:

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, twice is better.

    • Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to remove dirt and detergent from your carpet.  More importantly, they can remove most of the moisture in your carpet, something that most rental and purchased cleaning equipment does not do​

  • Vacuum carpets at least once a week:​

    • Up to 80% of dirt in carpets is loose dirt that can be removed with regular vacuuming​

  • Use Doormats:​

    • Keep dirt and sand out of the house and off the rugs by using a doormat​

  • Protect the surface:​

    • Have your carpet fibers protected by a carpet protectant like ​Scotchgard​®

How to extend the life of your Upholstery:

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Plump Cushions Often

  • Rotate Cushions Often

  • Vacuum

Spot Removal Techniques:

  • If liquid, BLOT up as much as possible with a clean cloth; if dry loosen residue with the dull edge of a knife or spatula.  Scrape or vacuum as much of the residue as possible.

  • Dampen clean cloth with proper cleaning agent per spot.

  • BLOT area gently, working from outer edge to center.

    • Repeat until spot is removed

  • Blot the spot with water, blot any excess moisture​

  • Align carpet pile, protect from traffic until dry.

Spotting Tips for Common Spots

Grease and Oil Marks:  Gently rub in talcum powder OR cornmeal OR cornstarch.  Let sit and then brush or sponge powder away.  Vacuum area.

Mustard:  Soak stained area with diluted ammonia (1 tablespoon to one cup of water).  Then dry with hairdryer.

Pet Urine:  Dampen area with equal parts white vinegar and water.  Blot dry.

Red Wine:  Use club soda to flush the wine from carpet fibers.

Blood Spots:  Flush with cold water.  Avoid hot water as heat will set the blood stain.

Soft Drinks:  Blot the area with vinegar solution (one part vinegar and two parts water).  Then blot with detergent solution (one teaspoon detergent and one quart water).

Gum:  Freeze the gum with ice and use a dull knife to remove.

Candle Wax:  Put a brown paper bag over the dried wax and run a hot iron over it.  The bag will absorb the wax,

Latex Paint:  Soak with dish detergent diluted with 20 parts water.  Agitate the area, blot, rinse and blot again.

Ball Point Ink:  Use hair spray and be sure to rinse the entire area well with water when finished.

Carpet Cleaning